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  • Performance & Protective Coatings

    OMS Products include: Silane, Silicone, Silicate, Fluorocarbon, Pure Acrylic, Polyurethane, Anticarbonation concrete protection and dirt repellent coatings.
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  • Enviromentally Superior Paints & Natural Mineral Finishes

    OMS MINO Products include: "0" Emission, "0" VOC, Natural lime, Mineral Silicate. Full range of Low Emission environmentally superior paint finishes complying LEED and HK BEAM's requirements.
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  • Decorative Walls

    DeCoWa MINO include: Natural Lime Paint and Stucco, Natural Venetian Plaster, Marmorino, Color Stain, Lasur Effects, Metallic Pearl Effects for Contemporary and Ancient European Interior Designs.
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  • Flooring system

    Heavy duty & Decorative Floor.
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  • Waterproofing

    ACP's INXU Products include: Waterproof and Protective Coatings, Full range of Heat Reflecting Ceramic Roof Coatings and Insulation systems to combat Heat-island-effect.
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  • Gypsum Blocks

    Fast track interior wall system.
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Asia Chemical & Paints

Asia Chemical & Paints (ACP) is a manufacturer and importer of quality brands. We work with authorized distributors, associates, partners and dealers

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ACP, Asia Chemical & Paints, no VOC paints , 0 VOC coatings, waterproofing , energy saving, insulation , reflective roof coatings ,SRI, anti slip coat

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