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Asia Chemical & Paints distributes performance coatings, enviromentally superior paints, natural mineral finishes, decorative plasters and stuccos, waterproofing and insulation products.

ACP distributes also a wide choice of "complementary" products like fillers, sealers, anti-mould and anti-fungus treatments, rust converters, etc. divided into two main categories: specialty products and surface preparation products.

Please contact us today and discuss with us your needs and requirements on façade protection, waterproofing or surface protection etc ... or you might simply just want some decorative idea for your interior design projects, do call us today, we do have some products and samples to show you to stimulate thoughts and ideas.

It is our quest for the ever better solution to help us and our clients’ work smoother, better and safer to the environment.


Asia Chemical & Paints
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